Michael E. Hraba
    Mt. Juliet, TN

    Michael Hraba is an exciting local artist on the rise! Michael was born in the Philippines, to an American father and a Filipina mother and raised everywhere as a military brat.
    Michael’s early years consisted of being on the move and exposed to the many cultures near and abroad. As an adult, his art has been seen around the world, as close as the Tennessee Performing Arts Center and as far away as Hawaii. After six years with the United States Marine Corp, Michael received an AA in Commercial Arts Studies from Nossi College of Art, and is continuing his education at the famous School of Hard Knocks (SHK).
    I'm Michael’s art continues to evolve and become bigger, and better!

    Michael’s artistic style is a reflection of his exposure to other cultures throughout his life. The Filipino, Japanese, Chinese, and Hawaiiana influences are woven into the very fabric of his work. His value in the artistic arena stems from the vastness of his versatility. There is no “one trick pony” here. There is hardly an area which he has not attempted and eventually mastered. As a traditional artist, he is a very talented portraitist, and sea and landscape painter. He can easily transition to any graphic arts, clay sculpting, or metal fabrication. Michael has recently ventured into drywall sculpting as well. His high energy and charismatic personality make him an amazing addition to any wedding reception, party, or corporate event as a Performing Artist or Caricaturist. Really, there isn’t anything he can’t do or is willing to try.

    Michael is also a very gifted teacher who enjoys sharing the passion he has for art with others; both young, and the young at heart. He is also very active in his community by helping local church ministries and community groups with acting, singing, comedy, props, backdrops, and murals for special community functions when called upon.

    Michael is available for commissioned portraits, metal and wood fabrication as well as Indie film prop work and Cosplay. He is available as a Performing Artist or Caricaturist for your next event. As a teacher, he is also available for private lessons, or group painting classes. He can be reached directly through social media and at the contact information below.
    Facebook: Michael E. Hraba
    Phone: 615-754-4869 (leave message)
    Cell: 808-384-5468